Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Activites of September

9/9/2007 was the 27/9 energy that I wrote about the other day, followed by 9/10/2007 the 28/10/1 energy of yesterday. The # 1 energy is a creative energy of new beginnings. This is the energy that says it’s time to ground our heart’s desire into solid reality.

Heart’s desire is your passion. It is the energy of the soul that you have deep within you.

What are you PASSIONATE about?

If you don’t have a clue, think about things that you love to do, but never seem to have time for. Or if you do allow yourself the time to do the things you love, what is the one thing that can help you get lost in timelessness? When this happens you get so involved that hours have past and it seems like minutes.

For some of us it may be when the kids get on the school bus in the morning and we indulge ourselves in a craft project or a good book and the next thing we hear is the school bus. We have never thought about eating lunch or doing anything else that was on our to do list for the day. Some of us could get into house cleaning or rearranging then decorating, and this takes us into that state of TIMELESSNESS.

For others it could be writing, painting, gardening, woodworking, golfing, nature walks, or working on a hobby like restoring an old car. Then there are the puzzle lovers, be it mind games, such as Sudoku, or jigsaw puzzles. Meditating is the purest way to timelessness, but it takes a long time to discipline ourselves to let go to that extent. So in the meantime, the previous choices will do the trick.

Whatever it is, it is a necessary part of our well-being. It is in this still point that our truest and deepest part of the SELF can reveal itself.

You will notice that I said one energy is a time of new beginnings. This means that we need the following 9/11/2007, 29/11/2 energy of today to get a grasp on how to relate to this new energy. Figuring out how you relate to different activities that you are passionate about in order to attain that state of TIMELESSNESS is what adds to the energy of today.

The next step is in the expression of “1, 2, 3, GO.” Yes tomorrow is 9/12/2007, 30/3 energy.

You’ll notice how this month is unique in the fact the actual date is also the energy of the day. The reason for this is, it is the 9th month and the 9th year which total 18, which reduces to a 9 and any number added to a 9 will always reduce to the same base number.

For example, 9 +12+2007= 9+3+9= 21/3, the 12 reduces to the base number of 3 and the total of all the reduced numbers reduces to the number 3.

So, let’s get back to our 1, 2, 3, GO energy. Three is the number of creativity and expression. So let’s create it. I am sure you can see where I am going with this. The next day is the 13th reducing to a 4. This is where the grounding into reality comes in. Number four energy is about being solid, grounded and having a strong foundation. You can never have a solid foundation for anything new unless you first have the new beginning of an idea, then forming a relationship to it, following with the process of creating, which results in a materializing the product or thought.

The intensity of today’s Solar Eclipse and New Moon delivers the energy of new beginnings. The Intuitive energy of the Moon blocks or covers the Intellectual energy of the Sun, metaphorically speaking.

Let’s picture this. The New Moon has its dark side to us and is covering the Sun. This means that the Sun’s powerful light is being reflected back to the Sun.

If the Sun represents the masculine intellectual energy and the Moon represents the feminine intuitive energy, might it be like the Moon holding up a big Mirror to the Sun illuminating what the Masculine intellectual power has been creating in this warring energies we are in.

Maybe the Moon is saying, “Now look at what you have done with your overpowering intellect. You have amplified fear and completely disregarded the feminine intuitive, compassionate, loving energy that powers individuals to be all that they can be. It is time for the SHIFT. You have had your time of patriarchal control. It is time to SHIFT to the Egalitarian energy of the Aquarian Age.”

“It is time for all of humanity both individually and collectively to take part in the SHIFT and learn to live and love in balance. You have used your power long enough to control and dominate all of humanity with fear. It is time to let each individual get in touch with their own intuitive voice and let them be more responsible for their thoughts and actions, to use their power wisely and in the way that they choose. This will allow them to have the choice to empower themselves. Please release the power over others.”

“The power from within each individual will bring in an era of peace and enlightenment, where acts of greed and anger will not have the energy to survive, but acts of peace, compassion and love will have the space to thrive.”

That sounds like a mother reprimanding her son, doesn’t it?

This SHIFT will only happen if each of us gets in touch with the creative-self within to create an energy that is comfortable to live and love in. This is a heart-centered action. Do you think we can accomplish this with the “1,2, 3 GO” energy that we are in?

Blessings of Love and Light,

Darlene E. Chadbourne

Midlife Guide & Numerologist

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007




Ninth Month (September) in a Nine Year (2007)

When the 9th day arrives and becomes present in the middle to form a 9/9/9 it totals 27, which also becomes a 9 when it is reduced. Nine has that magical way of completion by always bringing us back to the point of the beginning that has moved to another level, completing a cycle.

I feel this will be the strongest energy of the year, especially where it is sandwiched between a lunar and solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse on 8/28/2007 and the solar eclipse on 9/11/2007.

My son was born on 9/9 in a 9 year and is going through an intense transitional time. A cycle of nine years is referred to as an epicycle in numerology. Change is never easy, but these cyclic changes seem a little more intense. I wonder if all individuals who were born on September 9th in a 9 year are having as difficult time as he is. This energy revisited should bring opportunity to move deeper into your purpose for being here. It is a good time to review the lessons you are here to learn and what you are here to teach.
Then open yourself to all the options available to you at this moment in time. Bring yourself into the present moment and leave the past behind.

No matter who you are you are here on earth in a body for a purpose and your purpose is just as important as anyone else’s. We all have an important role to play on the stage of life. Use this role to contribute to the whole of humanity.

9 is a humanitarian energy as well as representing the completion of a cycle. Also be aware of any abandonment issues that come to the forefront.

I wonder what we will witness on the global scene for completions concerning humanitarian issues. What will we see in our own government? Has our government abandoned us? We have already been witnessing the unraveling of the Bush administration, as more and more members of that administration jump ship. What is this time in history bringing to completion? This completion cycle as a Universal energy will not be around again until 2016.

If you were born in one of these 9 years you will being in sync will the Universal year of 9: 1908, 1917, 1926, 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007. What is coming to close in your life this year making room for something new next year?

The bottom line in all of this is: What we focus on we draw to us. So let’s all focus on PEACE and GOODWILL coming to all of humanity, pulling strongly on the positive side of number NINE.

If you need help to see where you stand at this time, I am available for consultations.



Darlene E. Chadbourne
Midlife Guide & Numerologist


Thursday, February 23, 2006

A 33/6 Day Today

33/6 is a Master Number and the Native Path number of George W. Bush. It might be interesting to watch what goes on in his life today. Master Numbers can bring great challenges as well as great rewards. As usual all numbers have a positive and a negative side the trick is finding the balance point in the middle. Bush is also in a 20/2 personal energy year. He will need to be careful about overreacting to things that are going on. It could be a volatile period of time for him. He needs to stay centered and out of the extremes. He does not do well with rejection or disappointment during this personal energy of 20/2, which will last until his birthday in July. Washington, D. C. is also a 20/2 energy place, as stated in an earlier post and the number '2' is about relationships His relationships are in the limelight and being tested at this time, especially his relationship to the American people.


“Your personal numerology gives you permission to be all that you can be.”
Darlene, 2006

February is the 2nd month and everyone is talking about relationships and love. Looking at relationships is not an easy subject for many people. I believe that whenever we look at our relationship to another person, we also need to look at our relationship to our SELF.

In many cases the personal SELF gets lost in the process of relating to another. Health boundaries are needed to retain and keep the inner SELF identity. Too many of us drop our boundaries and merge for safety, resulting in giving up your identity for the sake of the relationship.

"Healthy Boundaries create Healthy Relationships" is an article that I wrote awhile ago. I would like to share it with you today. Within the article you will find a list of questions to ask yourself about your relationship with others in your life. Due to the length of the article please click on this link to it which will take you to my website.


Know that by loving another you will be loved. The first step is to love the SELF. How can you “Love your neighbor as yourself.” if no one ever taught you how to love yourself first?

CALL TODAY for a consultation: first about yourself and then about your relationship.

Knowing your personal numerology gives you the necessary information and permission to be all that you can be; your numbers illuminate your path and point you to your goal. Once you know what you have, and where you are headed, you can set out to achieve it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wising you a Successful year discovering your Dynamic Self.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Day Numbers

Happy New Year

1/1/2006 = 10/1

Today is the beginning of a new year and it is starting out with the true energy of 10/1. The last time this happened was on New Year’s Day 1/1/1700. The next time it will happen is 1/1/2015.

This only happens during the first part of a millennium until the total of the first two digits in the millennium reaches an ‘8’ as in 1/1/2600 in this century. After that it will not happen again until the next millennium. I call this a true 10/1 because the numbers do not have to be reduced to get to the 10. So I consider this a pure 10 energy day. We have this happen occasionally throughout the year, but I feel it is more significant when it appears on New Year’s Day.

I also feel this is significant with the possible discovery of a 10th planet. The first sighting I believe was in 2002. There was also, a TV mini-series a few years back called the 10th Kingdom. It was a story about crossing back and forth between worlds. These are things that refer to expanding our world at a time when we are in the process of expanding our consciousness.

The ‘10’ signifies a new beginning at a higher level. The ‘1’ is about strength and leadership. The ‘0’ amplifies that energy to a higher power. I will repeat. This only happens in an ‘8’ year. And even Christmas Day’s energy number was 44/8 - a master number heralding the coming of an ‘8’ year.

‘8’ is about balance on all levels - as above, so below, in its’ upright position. If it is laid on its side - it is the infinity symbol.

To me the infinity symbol represents balance between one another on this level of existence. Therefore the balance of ‘8’ that needs to be integrated into our life and our consciousness has the amplified energy of ‘10’ to help us accomplish so much more this year. Let us work with intention toward out highest good by balancing Love and Power in our dealings with one another.

Can we intentionally balance Love and Power in our individual lives as well as in our country and in our world as a whole?

Can we interact with others in a way that we take responsibility for our actions?

Can we change the greed and anger in the world to a power of peace and enlightenment?

Will we live to see the day that our government will have a Department of Peace instead of focusing only on greed and war to feed the greedy needs of those in Power?

If the majority of us focus all of our Power on Loving communication from deep within our being, rather then using Power over others to be in control and to dominate others, we can create a dynamic change in our world by living and loving in balance rather than in the extremes that we are witnessing in our world at this time.

“Better and safer is an assured peace than a victory hoped for; the one is in your own power, the other is in the hands of the gods.” As quoted, on page 107, by John Opsopaus in his Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot. This is a wonderful reference work by Opsopaus whose research efforts in symbolism, myth, astrology and numerology weaves together thousands of years of information.

We have been witnessing many changes over the last few years. I feel this is a time when we need to make a choice. We can either stay in the mentality of violence, terror, fear and control of the material world. Or, we can move beyond that mentality into a state of peaceful existence, in harmony with the earth and everyone in it. This is living in growth, joy and freedom. This is moving beyond the status quo, enjoying and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Do you know how to receive the wealth of opportunities available to you from the universe?

Can you convert the input that you receive from the universe into output in the material world?

Do you work on turning negatives into positives?

Are you optimistic enough to seize an opportunity by thinking expansive enough to join the available resources together and create the synergy of something brand new?

To do this you must always be ready to move with agility and flexibility being alert enough use what is presented to you in the moment.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings & Hello from Native Paths Numerology,

Native Paths is back with a new agenda, new energy and a new look for the new year ahead.

Christmas this year is 12/25/2005 = 44/8. This heralds the coming of the New Year 2006 which is an 8 energy.

According to Francene Hart, author of the Sacred Geometry Oracle, the 44 represents transmutation or dynamic change.

“This change is beyond what you have experienced before and promises to transmute the very core of your being into someone you might not recognize from your present perspective.”

As we begin a New Year, I like to look at the numbers that are contained within the year and the possibilities that it might hold for the world as a whole and how those numbers relate to me personally.

The World and Universal energy of the year 2006 is ‘8’
(2+0+0+6 = 8).

The ‘2’ and the ‘8’ are considered good business energies. The ‘6’ is a creative energy. That sounds like a productive and dynamic year of potential. This will be the year to focus on your personal business. Or it may be the ultimate year to start your own business. If you already have a business make sure you create new goals. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself by making them Dynamic.

Some very interesting words came to my numerological mind when looking at 2006. They are PROSPERITY (62/8), DOLLAR (26/8) and INVEST (26/8). The words RICHES (35/8) and MIRACLES (35/8) are also an ‘8’ but with different components accomplishing the same end result. The words KARMA (17/8) and SUCCESS (17/8) also need to be mentioned. Last but not least is the hyphenated word WELL-BEING (44/8). Christmas Day of this year 12/25/2005 was a (44/8) energy day.

I would like to insert the complete quote from Francene Hart that I used part of at the beginning.

“This change is beyond what you have experienced before and promises to transmute the very core of your being into someone you might not recognize from your present perspective.

When time and space are viewed as holographic rather than linear, or as in the Hopi tradition, as a river on which one can travel forward and backward, it becomes clear that any event has more than one possible outcome. Quantum physics tells us that the observer affects the outcome of the experiment. Metaphysical thought further suggests that by our intentions we create our own future. All views indicate that we, as individuals, have an effect on the holographic nature of reality. Once you realize and learn to utilize this function of intention, you have a responsibility for not only the consequences of your behavior, but also the consequences of your thoughts. Know you are a very powerful being of intention. Pay attention to all your thoughts and transmute the ones that trouble you, or cause fear. By transmuting fear we are helping to usher in unity consciousness, heart connection , and compassion.”

Sacred Geometry Oracle, Francene Hart, page 103

I feel this will be help information to bring with you into 2006.

The ‘2’ energy is carried within TIME (20/2), AWE (11/2) CHANGE (29/11/2), RICH (29/11/2) and INTEREST (29/11/2).

The number ‘6’ energy is carried within SELF (15/6), LIFE (24/6), WEALTH (24/6), DYNAMIC (33/6), EXECUTIVE (42/6), GRATITUDE (42/6) and TIMELINE (42/6).

Those with a 2 Native Path are seeking harmony in life by playing the role of peace-maker and mediator. Will they be the ones to create the WELL-BEING and PROSPERITY? Or will it be those with a 6 Native Path who also needs harmony and plays the role of nurturer and healer as in Mother to the World or Earth Mother? Those with an ‘8’ Native Path play the role of the EXECUTIVE who works toward financial security by finding a balance between making the money and spending the money, in order to INVEST the money

TIME marches on into the Age of AQUARIUS (35/8). This process began around 1992 (21/3) and will be coming to completion around 2012 (5) making the 35 of the 8. It takes the TIME of (20) years to shift all of the planets from the previous age of PICSES (26/8). This is the placement of the world on an astrological TIMELINE (42/6).

Where are you on your TIMELINE according to your Native Path? With the word KARMA, I wonder if what I contemplated and began to sow in 2005 will be brought to fruition in 2006. What might you be bringing forth from the past to expand on or to heal?

How will you relate to the numbers of 2006? It might be time for you to find out by considering a Native Path numerological forecast reading for yourself.

I personally have a 22/4 Native Path number and am constantly trying to master those double 2’s to get to the stability of the four. So this twenty-first century with the ever present 2 gives me ample energy to draw on. I am feeling more stable in knowing who I am with every year that passes in this twenty-first century. I owe a lot of that to the wonderful intuitive energy that comes from those double zeroes. I sit in awe and GRATITUDE for all that I have.

I look forward to hearing from you in the New Year to reconnect to old acquaintances and welcome many new ones.

Wising you a Successful year in discovering your Dynamic Self,

Darlene Chadbourne

Native Paths Numerology
Personal Numerology Readings, Forecasts & Consultations

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Choosing a Place to Live

When you choose to live in a home at a specific place on this globe and interract with that community, you create an activation of energy in your personal life.

By knowing the numbers of the place, you will be able to bring your personal energy into harmony with the spirit or energy of this place you choose.

What do you need to experience in this new place, and at this time in your life? What do you need to learn? Or it may be that you need to be in this new place in order to meet someone who will have a great affect on your life. Discover the energy of the place where you live.

For instance, let’s take a look at Washington, D. C. = 20/2
Washington, District of Columbia = 47/11/2

The energy of 2 is all about relationships.

In the short version the 2 is in a 20 [relationships on a higher level, signified by the added “0”]. The full version still reduces down to a 2 but takes a different route to get there.

The 4 is practical, efficient, reliable, and strong-willed in the positive sense. On the negative side of the energy it could be stubborn, demanding, narrow-minded, dogmatic, and greedy. Add this to the 7 energy positives of perceptive, creative, intuitive, thoughtful, religious and scientific. On the negative side secretive, sarcastic, repressed, and distant or unsympathetic. Washington by itself is a 4. District of Columbia is a 7. Only together is it a 47/11/2.

11 is a Master Number that is supposed to work for the good of humanity. 11 is the
master of inspiration and idealism. It is a visionary that brings light to the word; a leader with spiritual consciousness, reformer of world problems and wants to uplift others. An 11 needs to develop integrity and honesty and then teach it to the world. The 11 cannot teach this to others if it has not experienced these things for itself. For an 11/2, the pendulum swings between fears and phobias to the greatness of enlightenment or possibly back to self-destruction.

The bottom line is 2. The positive side of 2 is harmony, unity, relationships, cooperation and the feminine principle. On the other side, is oversensitivity, dependency, discontentment and lack of concern for others.

How would your personal energy mesh with the energy of Washington, D. C.? Each of our elected officials, deal with this energy every day.

How would you deal with it?

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Potential for Change...

When everything is in harmony no one wants to change. But when things are out of synch causing discord there is a great potential for change to happen. An extreme word for discord could be chaos. Disagreement leads to discord and possible chaos or disorder.

We have seen this recently in the mass disorder as a result of the hurricane Katrina. The chaos created by apparent disorder “random changes in a weather system’s extreme sensitivity to small differences in initial conditions” as stated in the Encarta Dictionary.

We are also seeing this in our society with more disagreement everyday as to the way this administration is running its right-wing empire. I assure you that the discord resulting from the disagreements is dislodging the general public’s comfort level and harmony. Extreme price increases in gas and fuel alone literally disrupts a person’s comfort level especially for the middle and lower class of the population. When the people of the lower and middle class have to face survival issues because of the upper class it usually results in a revolt of some type. When a government forces an economic hardship and also cuts off the resources to assist with the backlash it can create discord enough bring about the demand for change in previously complacent people.

What is fascinating me in observing these current events unfold, is the way the numbers of the people in the news or shall I say 'in the eye of the storm,' are telling a story of numbers coming together in commonality in some cases.

One that is quite obvious to me as a numerologist is Mr. Bush, whose numbers are [Native Path 33/6, Soul 25/7, Persona 44/8, Destiny 69/15/6, Maturity 102/12/3, Birthday 6], is successful in his position in life because his Native Path, Destiny, and Birthday are all a number 6. His Native Path number is 33/6 the same as Samuel Anthony Alito’s Destiny number. Therefore a 33/6 Native Path is effecting the destiny of the person with the 33/6 Destiny number.

It is as if Mr. Alito’s destiny has been waiting for Mr. Bush’s Native Path to give him the means to reach his destiny. When someone crosses our path with the same numbers as one of our own major numbers is can be very helpful in our advancement or is can be very intense adding to our discomfort level which always brings about change.

Another person in the eye of the storm lately is Lewis “Scooter” Libby. His Native Path, 8/22/50, is 45/9 and the date of his indictment and resignation, 10/28/05 is also a 45/9.

When our own Native Path Number or other major number presents itself in a current date there is always potential for a major happening to occur. This applies to all of our basic numbers [Native Path, Soul Number, Persona Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number and Birthday]


“You are always aware of the expectations of others, and you hold off on expressing your opinion until everyone has had their say; then you point to the mistakes and the things that were overlooked. Your success in solving problems and in finding answers is the result of a process of elimination, more than it is a matter of stringing together logical answers.”

George w. Bush’s Rational Thought number is also 45/9.

Lewis “ Scooter” Libby is unusual in the fact that four out of six of his personal numbers are Master Numbers. A Master number is a double of one number, such as 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. Libby's Native Path 45/9, Soul 44/8, Persona 29/11/2, Destiny 55/10/1, Maturity 100/1, Birthday 22: Personal Year 8/22/05 is a 37/10/1.

Libby’s Destiny number and his Personal Year are 10/1. Another commonality is Dick Cheney’s Native Path is a 46/10/1. Yet another commonality comes from an article about Libby and Cheney’s previous history in the former Bush administration.

On Sept. 25, 1992, a nuclear blast shook China’s western desert,” the Times wrote. “From spies and electronic surveillance, American intelligence officials determined that the test was a breakthrough in China’s long quest to match American technology for smaller, more sophisticated hydrogen bombs.”

In September 1992, George H.W. Bush was still president.

In the early years of the Clinton administration, U.S. intelligence experts began to suspect that the Chinese nuclear breakthrough most likely came from purloined U.S. secrets. http://www.consortiumnews.com/2005/110305.html

The day that China tested its first nuclear bomb was 9/25/92 which is an exact match, 55/10/1, to Libby’s Destiny number. This has to do with U.S secret technology. Don’t forget the number 5 is about secrets and being secretive. With a double five it is intensified. I can’t think of anything more intense then a nuclear energy. [nuclear = 29/11/2, energy 29/11/2] Both words carry a Master Number vibration. The word [bomb=14/5] carries a five vibration as well. As I stated previously, Lewis, Scooter, and Libby each total 14/5 which means that previous actions can wreak havoc at a later time.

The Bush Family numbers as a whole are very interesting.

George Bush Native Path, 6/12/24, is a 34/7:
China’s Native Path, 10/01/49, is a 34/7.

George W. Bush Native Path, 7/6/46, is a 33/6, Persona is a 44/8:
Iran’s Native Path, 10/7/06, is a 33/6. George W. Bush Persona 44/8:
Iraq’s Native Path, 7/14/58, is a 44/8
India’s Native Path, 8/15/47, is a 44/8

Laura Bush Native Path, 11/4/46, is a 35/8. The number 8 drew them together.

Jeb Bush Native Path, 2/11/1953, is a 22/4 with an 11 Birthday

The U.S’s Native Path, 7/4/1776, is a 32/5, I find it curious that George is a double 3 and Jeb is a double 2.

32/5 an entity that values freedom and creates change. 5 is a risk taker that loves discovering the new and unexplored territory. It is about being a free spirit and unconventional, rebelling against the status quo.

Other Persons of interest with Master Numbers:
John Forbes Kerry’s Native Path is 22/4, Birthday is 11

Master Numbers have the potential to effect* a change in humanity. This change ideally is for the good of humanity, but I am sure it can go both ways. We never really know the outcome until later. This change could very well be necessary to turn complacency into action.

Numerology is sort of like connecting the dots.

*According to Encarta Dictionary: definition of EFFECT

1. result
A change or changed state occurring as a direct result of action by somebody or something else.

2. power to influence
success in bringing about a change in somebody or something, or the ability to achieve.

3. being in force or operation
the state of being in force in operation, or the case, often from a particular point of view

4. impression
An impression produced in the mind of somebody who sees, hears, or reads something, especially one that is deliberately intended or engineered

5. cause or production of an impression
something that produces an impression, or the actual process of causing a special feeling or impression. [a grand little speech made merely for effect.
Encarta Dictionary

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